Jon Ayres Heating u0026amp; Plumbing rates are shown below.

Hourly Rate (£) (+ VAT)Mon-Fri 08:00-16:00Sat & Sun 08:00-16:00Out of Hours (Emergency) 16:00-08:00
Heating Electrics79.0089.00129.00
Heating/Gas/Oil Work79.00129.00149.00
Any Boiler/Gas Fire Breakdown129.00 (Fixed Price)159.00 (Fixed Price)189.50
Oil Boiler Service129.00 (Fixed price)159.00 (Fixed Price)189.50
Gas Boiler Service129.00 (Fixed Price)159.00 (Fixed Price)189.50
Gas Boiler Service & Landlord Certification. Any additional appliances at £59 each (+VAT)129.00 (Fixed Price)159.00 (Fixed Price)189.50
Gas Landlord Certification79.00129.00189.50
Gas Fire Service129.00159.00189.50

Contract Fitted Prices

The following are prices for extra works on top of existing works:

  • Supply u0026amp; fit energy efficient pump – £295
  • Supply u0026amp; fit 22mm motorised valve – £275
  • Supply u0026amp; fit 28mm motorised valve – £295
  • Supply u0026amp; fit full bore scale protection – Combimate – £295
  • Supply u0026amp; fit combicare scale protection – £225

All prices are subject to survey.


  • Prices are charged at a minimum of one hour, and charged in 15 minute units thereafter.
  • Payment must be made in full by:
    • BACS transfer;
    • Card;
    • Cheque;
    • Cash;
  • upon receipt of the invoice.